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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kay, scrapbook, caregivers,

Good visit with Kay today.  She was still  in the dining room with only her plate still on the table.  She was just sipping on a drink of some kind.  She had obviously not eaten much.  So  I asked the caregiver to go ahead and take the plate away.  I had brought a few pages of her scrapbook she had made over the years when we were married.  I thought it was in the 30's but  I saw a date of 1948 which meant we were about to move from Yesler Terrace.  Some were obviously taken during the war.  She did look at the page when I showed it to her but did not seem to take a lot of interest in or understood what they were all about it did get the interest of the caregivers and students from St Patrick.  One of the caregivers said she would show them to the activities director who might be able to use them.  many there are from that era. I promised to bring more tomorrow.  

Kay and I went down to the 1st floor for a while but she seemed bored there today too. I brought her up about  time for exercises but the room had not been cleaned out in preparation.  I took her on down to her room for the rest of my stay.  

Greg is off for some reason and a new person was dispensing the insulin and tests.  The room is quite dark and I was trying to figure out who it was as they seemed familiar with the procedure and operations.  There would be plenty of light for a normal person but my eyes are so bad I can see the figure but not the details.  Finally she got to me and as she bent down to give me the blood test I asked her what her a name was. She said she was Shannon.  (the head nurse) It was so dark and she was wearing dark clothing I could not see her as the Barbee she is. This would normally embarrass me but I have  come to terms with the fact that my eyes are not good.  After getting into the dining room I kept my eye on the clock so if Kristine didn't bring me the breakfast in the time she knows I have to have it I will run upstairs in time to add a little to the fairly large bowl of cereal.  So when that time came I went upstairs and got a  piece of toast.  

When I got back from Kay's  I went to the med room about 20  to 12.  For some reason there was a line up and I didn't get out of to until about 10 after 12 or so. When I came out Kristine was near and most certainly saw me.  T his was part of my test to see how she took care of my lunch.  If we were served first at my end I expected her to bring me my lunch when I arrived.  As I had been in the med room over a half hour and was not late because I came down too late.  But she wandered around doing other duties and I didn't get anything until 12 35.  It should have been there at 12.  I didn't want to interfere with her job and let her do it as she saw fit.  That is more a  measure of how things are rather than  me  changes in the way things are.  

Another incident that indicates what some here really think of us.  Nicole brought everything to a stop when she was new by having everyone stop what they were doing and get me to return and wait until she got to me with my pills.  Apparently that did not sit well with the powers that be and from then on, in her way, she tried to conform to a more proper conduct towards residents. If you have observed people for any length of time it is obvious her present way of interacting with residents that it is not really sincere.  The incident today confirms this as far as I am concerned.  What do you think  of people who ignore you?  I would say they don't think much or respect you.  When caregivers  ignore your presence when talking about residents I believe they don't think much of the residents.  They apparently don't think or care what residents hear when talking to others.  As Nicole went through the line of residents  waiting for treatments she was telling another caregiver that they had another complainer.  At that moment any respect I had for her slumped even lowers.  There were 8 or 9  who heard and probably took  note.  This is what I have been saying all along.  Some have no real respect or they would care what their listeners hear.  

I would say that what she thinks is clever bossiness is nothing clever at all. Maybe to some but not to me. 

I admit that that day when she brought the place to a halt I have been turned off, and will take more than a phoney front to change it.  There was such an interest in the scrap book at the 
Gardens that I could take the remainder to Amber and see if she is interested.  She seemed very interested  in the sample I had with me I decided to give her all I had.  She could then share and discuss with Brittany any other things useful. 

I don't know whaappened to Kay's Shirley Temple scrapbook.  

Have a nice day,  

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