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Monday, November 30, 2015

Kay, Cameron and Heather

I have had some happy and unhappy experiences today.  'first of course is I got to be with Kay today. Unhappy to leave her and this evening know she is alone,  Then a very happy experience of meeting a young mother with her 6 months old baby on the shuttle.  She married an Englishman and they hope to move to England so they can be close to his family.  
anyplace else could be closer of course.  This is coming from my ne Dell computer but I don't have it totally set up.  If I lose the cursor it takes me minutes some time to find it.  As bad as my eyes are.  I havent sent an email to the young woman on the shuttle yet but may have to wait until tomorrow if it gets too late tonight.  Looks like I will wait as it is already 8PM.  I am ea eron is leaving. Not feet first as almost all do but is going to stay with his niecel I am happy for him but I know of no one in a place like this would prefer to be here than a home  It was strange at how forceful this hit me.  I  mean somewhat like it will be if Kay should die before I do.  We thought we would always be together. 

I had to quit and not
 fix what I wiped out.  I must fix the cursor before I have a nervous breakdown.


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