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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What is wrong with the truth?

 Very dull visit today.  She was in bed and it looked like she was sleeping.  So I just sat down by the bed and watched the RT.  Eventually she woke up and I gave her a  truffle.  Later she was tired of being in bed so  started walking down the hall.  A caregiver told me the bus was there.  Even though it was a little early I went down without making it register on her I think that I was leaving.  I don't know how she will react if she realizes I am not there. I like her to know when I am leaving so her mind wont think I am still there.  

I had to leave without breakfast as the server forgot after I told her I had an 8:30 bus to catch.  I really didn't care as I had eaten a large bowl of oatmeal that no doubt made my b/g go skyhigh.  I didn't need any more carbs to push it even higher. Besides I take stuff with me to eat in the middle of the morning.   

It was somewhat after breakfast and I saw the server down at the other end of the dining room serving there.  I began to suspect she might have forgotten because the time was approaching when I should decide what to do about breakfast if I  were to catch the bus.  Finally at 20 after 8 I had to go up to my room and eat a bite of something ( apple in this case) on my way down to wait for the bus.  I arrived just about 8:30 exactly.  Bear with me on this because I have something to bring in about caregivers.  
On my way back from my visit with Kay I was still under the impression that what happened at breakfast was just  forgetfulness.  It probably was forgetfulness that I  reason I didn't get my breakfast.  At the noon lunch when this server was delivering the drinks I asked if she had forgotten anything at breakfast. She said she didn't forget anything.  I asked her if she didn't forget my breakfast I was to get so  I could catch the 8:30 bus.  She said she did bring my breakfast.  As I left at 8:20 it had to be after that if it came at all.  The others left after I did.    I  asked them if she had delivered the breakfast before they left.   They said no.  In all other cases when I have told the kitchen staff I had an early bus to catch they brought the plate right around 8 AM.  This is what really ticks me off.  The people here will tell a lie even though the truch would do very well.  If she had just admitted she had forgotten that would have been the end of it.  It is obvious I can not trust her which brings up other factors to consider.  She occasionally does a shift over where Kay is.  I am somewhat reluctant to say anything about this because I dont want anything to be taken out on Kay.  I have just ignored this womans bossiness towards some of the residents here.  Her job is to serve the food.  I saw her boss a resident around when he wanted to change his table but she told him he could not.  She told him to get back to where his table was.  I have no doubt  she feels very safe in bossing the residents over where Kay is because   they are helpless to resist or know how.  How to manage the people there is very important.   I think it is hard to keep from pushing them too hard.  Because they are so slow.  I know of an instance where a caregiver   tried to make Kay do what she was unable to do so much  that she struck out at the caregiver. Of course that would not have amounted to anything she is so feeble.  I don't trust people who lie when the simple truth would do perfectly well.  My fear is that these little people will try to get back at me by taking it out on Kay.

Have a nice day. 


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