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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kay not so good

Kay seemed to be having a problem today but I could not be sure what was bothering.  I thought it might be acid reflux bothering her.  I took her outside to sit in the sun for a while but it was too hot.  But I had a good long visit for a change. 

Here is a paragraph from an  article in that might interest you if you think ISIS is the main people who behead people.  Of course the French were pretty good at it  a while back. Bill Van Auken was the writer of the article if you want to read all of it. These are buddies of Kerry, Bush and others

The nature of the Saudi regime was made abundantly clear on the eve of Kerry’s visit with the mass beheading of five immigrants—two from Yemen and one each from Sudan, Eritrea and Chad. A Saudi national was decapitated on the day the US secretary of state landed in the desert kingdom. After these grisly public executions, the headless corpses of the victims were hung from helicopters to ensure the maximum display of the state atrocity.

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