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Friday, May 8, 2015

Kah fwll

 Kay was in bed.  Yesterday or perhaps in the evening she fell.  I only  know what was told me on the voice mail.  I was not able to talk to anyone about it who was there.  Probably a fall from unsteadiness. She is very unsteady and I am very careful when I get her up or put her down.  On the Wednesday meeting with the  Alzheimer's support group they were disappointed at the reception that Cascade gave to the idea of a Skype kind of contact with patients there.  Loneliness is a  terrible feeling.  Remember your young days when you might have been separated from family during a summer camp? some never get over wanting to go home. 70  years ago today I was in Worms Germany.  WW 2 was over for Germany.  Now the procedure of getting an assignment was going to be easier.  Before this someone had to  be  killed or wounded for there to be a place for me in a fighting unit.  Now they would be dismantling the army  in Germany by sending some units to  the Pacific to continue the war there.  The men with  3 or 4 years of war were to be sent home.  During these years the 3rd Infantry suffered 26,000 casualties.  When you realize that most of these casualties were by the infantry riflemen and that there were perhaps 10 thousand riflemen in a division   if you sign up try the Navy.  The end of the war did not mean the end of horror especially in the Russian zone.  The   surrender turned loose an army of predators on the civilians.  The woman next to me was a German woman 16 years old in Berlin.  I keep getting bits and pieces from her.  I've known this from other sources but this is first hand. The Russian soldiers lined up to gang rape women.  All ages. Show resistance and they put a gun to the womans head and showed her what the alternative was. There has been the effort in recent years to whitewash what happened in Germany and Berlin by the   Russian/Communist  conduct.  RT America's reporting  is a total lie of the 70th anniversary of the surrender.  Forgotten and no longer remembered are the millions killed by the Russians after the war.  Including the Ukrainians.          

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