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Monday, April 27, 2015

More comment on nurse non-show.

Not much to say new about today's visit.  She was sleepy.

Meanwhile back at the ranch things were getting sorted out from the financial officer leaving and the mix up of no nurse at a very critical time. So far I know the nurse not showing had created a greet deal of discussion among the help which I expected.  Dozens of people were left without critical medicine and mixing up machine that is this facility.  I don't think there was any permanent harm just a real show how important it is for everyone to do their job.  I don't know the details  yet but it is pretty obvious that everyone  on duty didn't have enough originality and incentive to do anything that their job description didn't call for.  No matter how obvious it needed to be done and they could have done it so easily.  They were just paralyized with fear they might do something their job description did not call for. Stay tuned.  

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