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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Kay, free DVD,

Kay was on her bed and awake .  I took her for her treats but came back to see if there was wireless connection to the internet available.  As expected there was a network easily identifiable. That gave me hope that they would let Tom and me check Skype out.  We went to the activity room  before they were done in the exercise room which includes going over the news and what went on in history. I took Kay back to her room so we could be together a while and also to be there when I had to come home.  This in order to be where she accepts my going more readily.  

When  home I composed an email to the administrator there explaining how I could help get the idea of Skype for residents of the place if I could get internet access. Tom and I could test Skypes effect on Kay (if any) by me talking to her there.  If she was effected when she couldn't talk people who could talk back could certainly benefit.  Later I got an email back telling me they had to talk and vote and who knows what else to do anything without a lawyers OK.  That is like saying they cant hook up a computer (which I wanted to do,) without a vote and consulting a lawyer.  This indicates to me that she didn't have a clue about what had to be done.  She claimed she thought it was a great idea but actions speak louder than words.  She needn't worry too much about my reaction because my part in this is very minor. Kay can not benefit from the system.   All I could do is tell them if the idea might work or not.  Kind of a vital bit of information though.  Now if they decide to pursue the idea they will have to do it themselves.   Previously  I offered to work with the internet expert.  I don't know him and never met him so I have no idea what his attitude is to very old residents.  Many of the workers in a place like this seem to think everyone in it knows nothing about this digital age like they do.  My offer still stands though. It's up to them.  I am on to other things.

Yesterday morning the Activities Director and her assistant  stopped by my table after the announcements and told me the DVD I gave her assistant to watch was the most moving and emotional she had ever seen. She might have meant of this kind. I have had some good responses from others but this one was the best.  They said they cried when they watched it.  If that interests you make a comment.  You might get a free one.  

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