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Friday, March 13, 2015

Eating out with Kay

 Tom and Peg took Kay and me out to eat today.   Before we left and when we first got there I suggested to the Caregiver that they check her over before we left to be sure she was OK to leave.  Well, this was easier said than done.  She really objected to leaving me  even an instant and raised a ruckus when the care giver tried to lead her away from me.  Tom and Peg were standing there watching her. .  In order to be sure she was in condition to leave I persuaded her to go back to her room where I thought more familiar surroundings would encourage her to allow the Caregiver to do her job.  Even there she didn't want me to leave her for an instant but less vociferously.  I helped the caregiver for a little while then she was able to do the job. We went out and had a nice lunch then back to her place where I got her to lay on her bed and waved goodbye when I told her I would be back tomorrow.  Looks like familiar surroundings made the difference.  I need to somehow get her accustomed to my not being there every day so my not coming wont be  such a shock.  This may take a while to do that. My first thought is to alternate my trip between morning and afternoon.  Starting Sunday I will go over in the afternoon.  That will allow me to go to church on Sunday. I really appreciate Tom and Peg taking the time to take us out.  A day is shot doing this. Stay tuned for further developments.

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