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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Good visit today. Bad ews nelsewhere.

 Kay was in bed but dressed.  When she saw me she immediately smiled in recognition.  A good sign.  She had her shoes on so I took her our for a walk and her treats.  She walks slowly.  Her ability to do something is also very slow.  What I mean by that is her ability to do something.  For instance I bring the walker for her and have to almost put her hands on the bars.  I don't just point at them I have to take her hands  and put them on the bars.  But she recognized me instantly  
.  I don't know if this is a temporary condition or a development of her dementia.  I can tell you I do not take this being apart easily.  I learned a couple a days ago that another person I know who has been a great help has dementia.  I am totally devastated. I depended upon her so much.  I bought a tiny digital sound recorder the other day expecting to make voice notes to help in writing my daily report.  So far I have not made a comment during the day then used it when doing the report.  I had several things I wanted to  remember but did not put them down.  It seemed at the time I could remember them when I did my report.  Tomorrow I will try to put them down.  Hopefully it will make this more interesting and informative.  

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