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Wednesday, November 11, 2009 down the drain one of the very early Internet providers in the NW died yesterday.  It had been having financial problems for a long time but the owner Robert Dinse was sent to jail and his family apparently could not keep it going. started about 20 years ago.  I was connected to the internet through a company that got it's service through eskimo.  It was called So I have been on the interent for about 20 years through eskimo.

Robert Dinse was  convicted of incest and sentenced to 46 months  in prison. Dinse tried to keep eskimo alive but prison was the final blow. It had problems for a long time.  One of his employees said Dinse could have made  a 100 thousand a year working elsewhere but he preferred to keep eskimo going instead.  It takes a lot of engineering ability to keep something like eskimo going.

So long eskimo.
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GregA said...

Do you know any more about this or how subscribers might be able to get access to our data? There's a thread here ( where I posted your bad news along with some confirmation from a king county government website that lets you search for convictions by name.

Anonymous said...

Its back up as of friday Nov 13th at 1:00pm. His son Carl is running the business, which is not going out of business, while Robert is in prison

Nanook said...

News of Eskimo's demise was premature. Carl kept it going in my absence and I've been back and running it (and making upgrades) since April of 2012.